KIMONO Station 【Hotel Emit Shibuya】 Rental Kimono

2018/7/18(Wed.)10:00~12:00 & &21(Sat.)
 KIMONO Station Day

Easy to rent!, Easy to return!

We’ll start kimono dressing service at the Hotel Emit Shibuya

Please try experiencing this handy service!

【What is the KIMONO Station】Kimono Sta. とは

KIMONO Station is provide the service of rental kimono, which located at the Hotel Emit Shibuya.



At the KIMONO Station, a specialist from 『HAKUBI Kyoto Kimono Gakuin』put you on kimono.

『Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Gakuin」 is the school, which is teaching how to dress kimono on and to wear kimono.


We would like to have everyone wear kimono and walk around the Shibuya.

Take a picutre at the Shibuya scramble with your presence of kimono, and let’s explore the city!

If you are a guest of the hotel, you can take kimono off in the room and return it the next day.(Only for the guests)

Kimono Station の特徴としては、ホテルならではのメリットを活かして、

【Procedure of KIMONO Station】サービスの流れ

【1】Please register at the front desk. (If you have already registered with the hotel reservation, the registration is unnecessary) 

【2】Sing in at the reception of Kimono Sta.
( 1st floor of Emit)


【3】The kimono specialist will dress you up.  


 【4】Finish. It’s only takes about 20min.

 【5】Put your cloth in the bag, and bring it to your room.

【6】Let’s enjoy walking in around the city with kimono. 


【7】Come back to the hotel, and take off the kimono at your room or Kimono Sta. 


【8】Return the kimono at the front desk. (You can return the kimono next day, if you’re guest of the hotel) 


 【For people who check out the day of Kimono Sta.】

【1】thru【4】【6】are the same procedure.

当日にチェックアウトされるお客様に関しては、22時までにホテルにお戻り頂き、Kimono Sta. でお着替え頂けます。

【5】 Put your cloth in the bag, and bring it to the front desk with your luggage.


【7】 Come back to the hotel, and receive your cloth at the front desk.


 【8】Change to your cloth at KIMONO Sta. (Kimono Sta. is open untill 22:00)


【9】Put the rental kimono in the bag, and return it to the front desk.
(Please return it on the same day)

【Shibuya Bon-Odori Festival】渋谷盆踊り大会

We are having the Kimono Sta. on the same day of Shibuya Bon-Odori Fest.

渋谷盆踊り大会と同日にKimono Sta.を実施致します。


On July 21st, Shibuya is having a “Shibuya Bon-Odori” which is Japanese casual dance festival.
So please join the festival with your kimono on.

As showing a picture, many people are wearing Yukata(type of kimono) to join the festival.

The location is in front of “109”building.

【Date】July 21st (Sat.)

You can use the Kimono Sta. to rent the kimono and join the festival.


【Information of Kimono Sta.】

This service will be available only for the guests of Emit.

July 18th (Wed.) 10:00~12:00 & 15:00~17:00

July 21st (Sat.) 16:00~18:00 On the same day of Shibuya Bon-Odori

7月18日(水)10時~12時 & 15時~17時

1st floor of EMIT


Rental kimono & dressing you up by specialist
\4,500/per person(お一人)

Purchase Yukata (cool type of kimono)  including Obi(belt)
\10,000/per set(1セット)

【Registration 登録】
If you’re already made a reservation of the hotel, Please send a e-mail to register the Kimono Station. or you can make a
registration when you are check in the hotel.

Kimono Station をご利用されたいお客様で既にホテルのご予約を済まされている方は、メールもしくは、お電話にてお申し込み頂けます。



To register by the e-mail, please give us the information of your
【Name】【Male or Female】【Height】【Date&Time of participation 】【e-mail address】

Email address:

 If you are interested to receive this service, please contact to the hotel and make a reservation.

If you are the guest, who is going to check out the day of Kimono Sta.
you can use the Kimono Sta. for changing your cloth until 22:00

当日チェックアウトされるお客様は、22時までエミット1階のKimono Sta.をお着替えでご利用頂けます。

To make a reservation ホテルのご予約

You can make a reservation from the site or call the hotel.


Hotel Emit Shibuya
 ・7 minutes on foot from the Shibuya Sta. 
・8 minutes on foot from the Harajyuku Sta.
 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Jinnan 1 – chome 8 – 11
Tel +81-3-6455-0562

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